Who we are

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Mission Statement


Exiled Theatre is composed of artists that are passionate and enticed by the wide array of possibilities that live performance offers. We believe that the best art works on an intimate level and strive to create a relationship between our audience and performers with daring productions that contains a thread of the visceral and the mysterious.

As artists we are committed to developing our own creative voices and providing the platform for audiences to experience these artistic visions. As producers, we look for artistic voices that offer unique perspectives on the world around us. Rather than rest on our laurels, we hope to continually challenge ourselves as both we and our audience grow in unexpected ways.

The work created by Exiled Theatre is not meant to appeal to any one audience but to create links and motivate dialogue amongst the diverse theatergoers of the Boston community. Our hope is to foster the conversation that creates a bridge between who we are and who we will become. To this end our season is made up of new works by contemporary writers and established works from the theatrical canon. 

“The night is a mongrel. Believe…or explode…”

We believe in the power of live performance and in the potential of the audience’s imagination.

We believe that art only comes with one rule: Never boring for a second.

We believe that the creation of art allows us to put forth our best version of our self to an audience.

We believe the stories we share act as driving agents in what devise us as human beings and helps us forge the paths we take in life.

We hold in high regard the bravery and honesty needed when working intimately as artists and as people. This enables us to collaborate with strength and integrity.

We are dedicated to the creation of insightful theatre pieces that engage the audience’s intellect and imagination beyond the time they spend with us in the theater space.

We promise to regard the audience not as an adversary or a subordinate. They are our companions who have granted us their time and attention.

We seek to produce theatrical works that occur on the edges of the physical and metaphysical landscapes we occupy in our everyday existence. We strive to build theatrical worlds that walk on these edges and explore the sensations of falling. 

We create work under the guiding principle that pain hurts and life matters.

We choose to continue journeying forth into the unknown. We go on…