What's Playing

Exiled Theatre will be back in December 2017 with our production of Nurse Play!

A world premiere written by company co-founder James Wilkinson and directed by Joe Juknievich

  Susannah Wilson as NURSE
  Cody Sloan as JOE

Tucked away in a dark room at the back of a boarding house in the middle of nowhere, Nurse sits, drumming her fingers on the table in front of her and playing the stack of Blondie records she keeps by her feet. Her eyes were gouged out years ago, but no matter. They were only getting in the way. In the bed by her chair is the patient she is charged with taking care of, Joe. Joe has been diagnosed with a degenerative disease that keeps him bed bound, in the dark, and doped up. He also appears to be missing several limbs. The two have been alone together for quite a while. Then Joe vanishes into thin air and things begin take a bit of a strange turn...

Performances will run at Boston Playwright's Theatre, December 1-17, 2017

Tickets will be on sale soon!