Strange Days: 5 Tales Of Dark Paths, Odd Mercies And Birthday Cake
(Season 1 - Spring 2015)

by James Wilkinson

Directed by Teri Incampo

         Starring:  Daniel Bitar, Katharine Jordan, Eric McGowan, Gail Shalan

         Stage Manager: Morganna Becker


The five short plays:

  • "Delicious"- The delivery of several mysterious packages leads one man to a detective for answers.

  • "Drive"-  A good citizen offers a lift to an ailing man and his guardian. Then things take a turn for the worse.

  • "Nurse Call"- A nurse on the late shift takes a call from a fragile woman and does her best to put her at peace. Help is on the way.

  • "Strange"- When Nora disappears on a secluded island, her sister and boyfriend are at odds deciding how to lure her back.

  • "Grace"- Two police officers swap stories while polishing off a night of heavy drinking. When one refuses to heed his wife's suggestion to call it quits, the evening goes into full swing.


Praise for Strange Days: