She Looks Good In Black
Season 2 (Fall 2016)

By: Sarah J. Mann

Directed by: James Wilkinson
Assistant Direction by: Anna T. Stenberg

Starring: Cailin Doran, Colin Colford, Michael Kelly, John Kinde, and Alexander Rankine

IRNE Nominated Production: 

  • Best New Play (Fringe) - Sarah J. Mann
  • Best Actress in a Play (Fringe) - Cailin Doran

About the Play: 

In the days following her husband's untimely death by strangulation, a young woman, Shea, must grapple with her new widow status and the memory of her less than perfect marriage. Along the way, she falls in love with her husband's gravedigger, had her southern brother move into her cramped apartment, and tries to unload the vast pornographic art collection that he husband left behind.

Praise for She Looks Good in Black: