(Season 2 - Fall 2018)

by debbie tucker green

Directed by James Wilkinson

Starring: Angela Gunn (ONE), Angele Maraj (TWO), and Imani Powell (THREE)



About the Play:

An unnamed woman is taken to an empty room in a government agency. Several years earlier she and her family experienced a shattering tragedy they have yet to recover from. Now she has been brought in to answer a question that will have far reaching consequences. As the pile-up of bureaucratic language begins to suffocate our protagonist, she must fight for her right to be heard.

debbie tucker green’s hang is a devastating, poetic and darkly humorous take on suffering and human connection. It was first performed at the Royal Court Theatre in London in 2015. Exiled Theatre is thrilled to be bringing this fascinating play to Boston audiences.

Praise for Hang: